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Electrolysis Hair Removal: Electrolysis has been studied and recognized as a permanent hair removal solution since 1875. Since then the nature of treatments has advanced significantly. Today, electrolysis clinics such as A1 Electrolisys uses sophisticated equipment to permanently remove all unwanted hair from any location on the patient's body. Treatments will consistently yield excellent results since the hair follicle is permanently rendered incapable of growing hair. 

Electrolysis works very differently from laser treatments. It uses an electrical current to heat and destroy the cells that actually generate and grow the hair. Unlike laser, which targets the pigment of hair, electrolysis targets the hair follicle itself. In plain terms, it will destroy hair at the root and prevent regrowth.

Unlike laser, electrolysis is safe and effective for ALL types and colors of skin and hair. Because it works at the follicle level, it is an equal opportunity hair remover. Gray, blond, red, dark, fuzzy, coarse, ingrown, or any other type of hair can be completely and permanently removed with electrolysis treatment.

The Bottom Line: Where science is concerned,
Electrolysis has truly been proven to permanently remove unwanted hair from people of all skin and hair types. Electrolysis is the ONLY treatment option that's Approved by the FDA for Permanent Hair Removal!

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