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Cost and Services

      Because everyone is different, It requires a personal approach to get rid of unwanted hair, making each persons treatment different. To be fare giving a start to finish price without a consultation is really not possible. Many factors can determine the amount of treatments and duration that are needed. Some of those things are the size of the area, the skin type, hair color, coarseness, and heredity in how fast and thick the hair grows. The way the hair is removed before treatments begin can also have an effect, weather it was shaved, plucked, or waxed.

    But in general for larger areas such as backs, legs, and bikini hair, clients new to electrolysis, can expect multiple sessions that can last the better part of an hour at first. As the treatments progress the time will decrease until the unwanted hair is completely gone. For facial hair removal, the smaller areas such as lips, brows, and chins treatments usually start with shorter times. For some clients, they may return once or twice a year for a time to get a 5 or 10 minute session to remove a few stray hairs. For most any hair you want removed a treatment plan can be outlined that will make you feel comfortable before we begin.

     Considering that electrolysis is permanent, once the treatments are complete the cost becomes less over time because there is no more hair to shave, pluck, or wax.

     Once a plan has been agreed on the rates are as listed, And these prices are a great deal for the Nashville area. 

15 minutes - $25

30 minutes - $40

45 minutes - $55

  60 minutes - $70  

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